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Happy first day of April, and happy 1st wedding anniversary to Dave and Joanne, Nicky's parents!

I wanted to share with you the signs we received today, because it's 4/1:

I had reheated some Chinese leftovers and we ate them, but Chris went into the kitchen for something, and when we both went into the kitchen again I said, "Why did you take that straw out?" because there was a pink straw lying on the counter. I knew I hadn't done it. He said he didn't. And if you know me, you know I love to play tricks on Chrissy and he'll never believe me about stuff so we had to make a safety word that we can say when something really is NOT an April Fool's joke. "April genius." So I said it, and he said, "Really?"  And I said, "Yeah." Now we keep these straws across the room in an old-fashioned straw caddy that Gabby gave us as a housewarming gift when we moved to Providence. We almost never use them. He didn't do it, I didn't do it. Adam had been visting earlier, but he went home, and the straw just wasn't there during the 10 minutes I was clearing the counter, making room for plates, heating up leftovers, etc. I would have noticed - it's neon pink and our counter is really small. When we came into the kitchen together, there it was!

Now you might think this is a little bit of nothing. BUT, when we called Joanne to tell her Nicky's April Fool trick, she told us something similar had happened to her! The salt shaker was in the microwave!!!!!!!! And neither she nor Dave had done it.

Just wanted to share some funny joys with you on this day! Anything crazy happen to you???
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