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I know I haven't posted in here in a very long time, but I was just thinking about a dream that I had about a month ago...and have had twice more since then. I don't usually have vivid dreams, and rarely do I remember anything I dream about...but this dream...it was both. I felt like I was living this dream, and now I feel like it's necessary to finish the dream and make it into reality. In the dream I was going to get a tattoo. I've already got one, so what's one more, right? The only setback was that I didn't quite know what I wanted. I got to the tattoo studio, and Nicky was there. It was so strange to see his face again, to see him smiling and laughing. I went to the tattoo artist (his name was Steve, and he did my first tattoo too) and asked him to draw out what I described. In the dream, my voice was muffled, so I don't really know how I described it. I signed all the papers and sat in the chair. And there was Nicky, sitting right beside me, watching intently. At the end of the dream, when I looked at the tattoo (On my left inner forearm)...it was a pair of wings - angel wings - very ragged and almost...dusty looking and between them, the word HOPE, it looked like it'd been carved into my arm...little droplets (red, so I guess it looked like blood) ran down, forming a puddle, on which sat a single feather. I looked back up and Nicky nodded. I woke up right after that, and my left arm was numb, getting that pins and needles feeling. I didn't really want another tattoo after I got my first one...but now whenever I look at my arm..it looks empty, like I need the tattoo to be there. I don't know if this really means anything or if I'm just...letting dreams create my life...but I feel like this is something I have to do now. So, I just thought I'd let everyone know there is at least one more person thinking about Nicky right now.
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